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Resources can really enhance our member's gaming experience.

On this page you will find lots of resources to help you maximize your experience.



Get the information you need here!


Everything World of Warcraft is Here! Nice Summary Page Too!

Armory Icon.JPG

Look up Characters Gear, Mounts, and More! Check out Guilds too!

Icy Veins Icon.JPG

Great Class Guides and More. Nice complement to Wowhead information.

Weak Aura Icon.jpg

Weak Auras can change your game play! See below for more infomation. 

Raider IO.jpg

Raider IO keeps you informed on Mythic Plus and Raid Progression. 


Subcreation allows you to see what your peers are doing in their specs. Great Info!

Raid Analysis Resources

Warcraft Logs.jpg

Review your personal performance and raid team performance.

wowanalyzer icon_edited.png

Wow Analyzer deep dives into a players rotation and how it can improve! 


Wipefest will evaluate the raid team as a whole and individual abilities. Good Info!


Figure out your best gear with this great site! 

Blood Mallet.jpg

Bloodmallet is a great resource to evaluate your character's gear. 

In-Depth Review

In Dept Review
Weak Aura Icon.jpg

Weak Auras can greatly improve your gameplay! 
They can: 

  • Track personal abilities and alert you to their cooldowns (so beneficial)

  • Track boss abilities

  • Use Visual and Audial cues to keep you on point with mechanics

  • Provide useful information in a clear and concise, ready-to-read format

  • So much more

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Image Property of Weak Aura's Website Main Page

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