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Just Wiped! 

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Recent Highlights
Cone Shape Lamps

Recent Highlights

Progression Raiding Fun
Arberrus and Vault of the Incarnates

Our guild strives to take down raid content in a fun, welcoming, dedicated environment.
For more than 11 years we have been taking on the challenge of earning AOTC and more. 

Gillies Trivia Night.JPG

Every Wednesday Night guildies log on and get ready to take on the challenge of Gillie's Games! 

Gillie generates unique questions and varying topics to keep it fresh and competitive! 

This event has become a Just Wiped tradition and we love all the effort Gillie puts forth for this fun weekly event!

Earn a special ranking in our guild for dominating Gillie's Games too!


This year, we had over 30 guildies participate in the Summer Fun Events that included Sloth Racing, Dragon Racing, Gillies Games, Pets Pets Pets, and more!!

In the end, there can only be one champion? Or, can there be two?

This Summer Fun Finale found two champions that co-hold

the title Summer Fun Champion!

Let's Congratulate

Curtis and Tarcanis

on earning the Summer Fun Champion title for 2023.



Proving they really are the best of the best and true competitors! 

(enjoying their 100,000 gold or Mount selection winnings too)

Summer Fun Champions 2023 Teacup and Tar
Cone Shape Lamps

Feeling Nostalgic?

Want to get a better feel for our guild culture?

Check out previous highlights from our past!




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