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In Depth


The Main Hand is ultimately responsible for the success of the guild and the happiness of it's members.

This includes mitigating disputes, identifying potential threats to the community, and fostering an environment where people can build friendships, make connections, and enjoy the content

World of Warcraft provides. 

Main Hand


Off Hand


The Off Hand is responsible for ensuring all guild functions are met daily. 

Officers are tasked with ensuring member's needs are met timely. Officers create and implement guild content that keeps our community active. 

Officers have a responsibility to lead by example promoting a welcoming, assistive environment to play World of Warcraft. 

The Heirloom  has been identified as a member able and willing to use their advanced skills to assist our guild in advanced content. 

These members have accepted additional responsibility in raid leading, content research, and guild member content support. 


Raid Leader and Subject Matter Expert

The Renowned guild member has demonstrated their competitive spirit and achieved this rank by winning selected guild events. 

Renowned members actively participate in a variety of guild events and have earned a reputation as a fierce competitor within our community.  


Guild Event Champion



The Legendary guild member maintains their position on the guild's progression raid team. 

They have earned their spot through the demonstration of skill, determination, and dedication to the team's success.   

This rank requires exceptional preparation to maintain the skills, reactions, and knowledge required for progression content. 


Mythic Plus Pusher

The Mythic guild member has demonstrated a yearning and determination to push high keys. This member not only pushes keys for themselves but achieves high keys in guild member groups that include varying guild members. 

(members who pug keys most often will not earn this rank)


Active, Contributing Guild Member

The Soulbound guild member has demonstrated consistent engagement in varying guild environments. This member engages in guild chat, participates in varying events weekly, uses discord, possibly Facebook, and seeks out guild members when completing content. 

This member represents the heart and soul of the community.

Their contribution helps to keep our guild active and fun through many different means. 


Full Member

The Heroic member is an active member of our guild who enjoys the community at their own pace. This member plays the game casually. They may take the time to congratulate or answer a question in guild chat. They may enjoy running content on their own without commitment.

However, they enjoy the guild's community atmosphere and interact with members occasionally. 


New Recruit or Hiatus Member

The Green member represents our new recruits to the game or members who have gone on hiatus or long term breaks > 30 days. 

New recruits may not always fit our community's style or culture. Therefore, new members stay green while they are figuring us out. Once a good fit is recognized, members are promoted up the ranks!