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Just Wiped

Our Just Wiped Leadership excel in promoting the growth of our community.


They contribute to the guild's many successes while embracing various generational, cultural, and gaming experiences. 

They share the same common interests in supporting and maintaining a welcoming community where guild members can become life-long friends making memories together in Just Wiped. 

Arlida RL.jpg
Arlida Brown_edited.jpg

Arlida aka Kat is our GM. 

She loves her community and the members she serves. 

Elected by her peers in 2011, she has promoted and supported a community that she calls home in World of Warcraft. 

Guild member happiness is at the forefront of all her guild decisions. She finds her deepest satisfaction in knowing she helped her members reach their goals while having fun!

Thinking about Houdini.jpg
Volde .png

Volde aka Hagryd aka Art has supported our guild in the officer capacity since its inception in many unique ways. 

His presence and contributions have helped our guild succeed. We appreciate him in all of his capacities. 

He may be best known for his leveling sickness

- we are working on an intervention ~ lol -


Karolinea aka Gillie aka Kathi has served our guild for numerous years.

Her focus remains on inclusivity for those outside of raiding and mythic + content. 

She is an essential contributor to our social guild activity. Many members look forward to her fun events weekly. 

Houdini in RL.png
Houdini on Erenejr.png

Houdini, aka Erenejr, aka Jacob, has served our guild for numerous years. He brings forth a calmness and objective perspective to the guild's challenges and goals.

From college student to successful pyromaniac ( ooops - engineer) he has taken the time to support our guild and community's growth as well. 

We appreciate all the strengths he contributes to his

leadership role.  

Tarcanis Druid.png

Tarcanis aka Hiuber is our newest edition to the leadership role. He has demonstrated a poised, balanced approach to leadership.

Our guild relies on his raiding expertise and remarkable ability to motivate our teams.

His approach has earned him the respect of his peers. Our guild is extremely fortunate for his dedication and contributions. 

Some Pics of our Officers making some memories together in real life!

We can't wait to see

what's next!

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