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Ven's Transmog Challenge!!!

Arlida a posted Jul 1, 18

Hi Guildies!

The Gold Rush Summer Events are on their way! This week we start Ven’s Transmog Competition!

This event will go through the month of July and allow the participants to gain coveted Gold Rush Points for entering transmog submissions, winning, and for voting. Big points to be gained in this event!

There will be three categories that include:

  • A Day at the Beach

  • Dragon Slayer

  • Ready for BFA


The first challenge includes locating the scene and taking your transmog picture in that location.

Your second challenge includes creating a transmog that complements the theme. Get creative!

Your last challenge includes getting your votes in timely.

To establish the winners, points will be accrued for accurate location and guild member voting.

The following table will provide an example of the point breakdown for VOTING. (as you can see, finding the right location will significantly impact your points) Points will be added for each category for a final score!

Here are the official Transmog Rules:


Match your Transmog to each category and background and submit THREE transmog entries to justwiped@gmail.com. The Three Categories are:

  • A Day at the Beach
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Ready for BFA

One entry per category. For full points, you MUST have each background in your transmog submissions.


 No Gold Limit on Transmog.


Only one submission accepted per category. Each submission must have the following:

  • Your toon with your chosen background (matched to the category picture)
  • Creative transmog to complement the theme
  • Your guild toon name in the email
  • Individual screenshots to justwiped@gmail.com
  • Email and In-game voting only to justwiped@gmail.com or Daphna in-game!
  • Submitted transmogs for voting review will be emailed, accessible through FB, and justwiped.com.
  • Each vote will include the number of the picture or name and creative score
  • Only one vote per submission. You cannot vote on a transmog twice for extra score.
  • Vote on a scale of 1 – 10 for creativity. 10 being the Best!
  • Method # 1
    • Hit Print Screen on your keyboard
    • Go to your Screenshot Folder and find the screenshot
      • The Screenshot Folder is found at: C: > Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > Screenshots
    • Save Screenshot to desktop and add to your email for submission
  • Method # 2
    • Open your snipping tool
    • Hit new
    • Crop your screenshot
    • Save Screenshot to desktop and add to your email for submission
  1. DEADLINES (submissions and votes will not be accepted after stated deadlines)
  • Transmog Submissions
    • Starts on 7/1/18
    • Ends on 7/21/18 @ 23:55
  • Transmog Voting
    • Starts on 7/22/18
    • Ends on 8/4/18 @ 23:55
  • Transmog Scores Posted on Sunday 8/5/17 – prior to the Amazing Race

This is a very large event! Those that participate will earn submissions into the Gold Rush Summer Fun Live Finale where we are giving away 1 million gold to start off BFA! In addition, The top three winners of this event will win additional points as follows:

Good Luck Guildies!

May your creativity be ever in your favor!

Summer Fun Gold Rush

Battle for Azeroth is approaching fast! <Just Wiped> has you covered! One Million Gold is up for grabs during our Summer Fun Gold Rush events. It all starts today June 25th and goes on through August 12th finishing with our LIVE drawing where Summer Fun Gold Rush participants will have the chance to win One Million Gold to start off BFA!

Spend the summer lull, pre-expansion competing against your guildies and earning points for your triumphs and your participation. The following events have been created to allow all guildies a chance at the One Million Gold drawing!

Summer Fun Gold Rush

“Are you prepared?”

Specific event rules will be posted on FB and through email separately.

Don’t have our FB, it's easy! Click here https://www.facebook.com/justwiped.blackhand and add friend!

Your <Just Wiped> Crew hope you have fun enjoying the Summer Fun Gold Rush!


Arlida, GM <Just Wiped>


Must be a guild member to receive awards and entries.

Officers are allowed to accrue points for participation. They are not allowed to win the Amazing Race, Ash’s Trivia, or the Ven’s Transmog Challenge due to conflict of interest. However, officers can actively compete and win Iron Man events! Officers are eligible for Million Gold Drawing!

Guild members MUST BE PRESENT during live drawing to have their entries submitted for drawing. Present includes being online OR in discord. You can download discord to your smartphone if you will be out of town!

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