Raid Team Information

Arlida a posted Dec 5, 16


The rules and standards of progressive raiding are in place to keep a structured, fair environment.
This will reduce wasted time and energy and give our team a better foundation for raid success.

Progressive Raiders:
The mission of progressive raiding in <Just Wiped> is ultimately to have fun and complete current content. To do so, we focus on creating an atmosphere of “Responsible Raiding” that promotes raid-team development and ultimately, raid team success. Progressive raiding by nature requires selectivity in choosing team members. Progressive raiders are held to a certain set of standards and responsiblities in an effort to waste as few resources as possible, including our raider's time and energy.

Casual Raiders:
The mission of casual raiding in <Just Wiped> is also to ultimately have fun experiencing raiding content with the guild community. Casual raiding is open to all who wish to raid with the guild who are not currently raiding on our Progression Team. This forum is an excellent opportunity for our guild to help players experience raiding on a casual level and possibly transition to a progressive raiding position. This team is also the perfect environment for those who are looking for a stress free raiding experience. 

Remember! Raiding is WIPING, a lot! If you are looking to clear content in less than 10 attempts, Progression raiding on either team is not for you!

Expectations of a Raider:

1. Gear
Appropriate Ilvl for the content.
Enchanted Fully
Gemmed Fully
Attention to correct stats for your play-style

2. Class Knowledge
A “comfortable” knowledge about the abilities of your class and how your class will best assist the raid team in meeting their goals. Having a comfort level allows the raider to focus on the mechanics of the upper level content and not the mechanics of their toon.

3. Skill
Upper level content requires the player to be “skillful”. A skillful player pays attention to environment, uses good judgment, learns mechanics, and keeps their skills sharp through active play.

A quick note about meter watching:

In addition, a skillful player will put the needs of the team above their own "meter" numbers. Mechanics and getting on the correct target will always be more important that saying you are the top dps. Saving a big healing cool-down or dispelling will always be more important that seeing that you had the highest healing numbers. Communicating before the fights and sharing the tanking responsibilities will always be more important that taunting on cool-down. 

Using your skills to support the Team will always improve our chances at success over attempts to be the top of a meter. 

4. Preparedness of Fights and Mechanics
Prepare to contribute to your team by knowing each encounter and your role in it. Prepare to help your team by looking at the logs and learning where you and/or the team is struggling. Prepare by practicing mechanics you are struggling with in LFR or on Alt nights. Ask for help when you need it

5. Attitude and Behavior
Raiding is Stressful! Individuals handle personal stress differently. It is exceptionally important that members of the raid team Respect each others’ stress levels. Maintaining a productive atmosphere that promotes positive morale can make the difference between wiping for three hours or moving forward. It is expected that all members of the Just Wiped’s Raid teams will participate with the “Teams” best interest at heart. With this attitude we expect that our members will take the time to listen to each other, work as a team, avoid negativity towards one another, and primarily enjoy raiding together. A team effort approach that supports critical thinking, group analysis, and dedication will allow us to overcome raiding barriers without bringing negativity into the group. 

Please remember that your input is valued. However, you must whisper your raid leads with suggestions first and wait to be given the floor. In the past we have seen too many raiders in a +15 group strongly suggest strats at the same time, which has lead to raid drama having a direct impact on the morale of the team. In addressing this, you MUST whisper your raid leads or wait to be called on before calling strat in mumble. Failure to follow these basic guidelines will get you removed from the team. 

Raid leaders are responsible for identifying repeated behaviors that are impacting lack of progression. If a member of the team has concerns about someones’ behavior on the team they are encouraged to whisper the raid leaders for action.

Just Wiped does not tolerate personal attacks, calling out, or disrespect of our fellow guild members.

We take this very seriously and this behavior will get you removed from the team and possibly the guild.

6. Discord Use
It is imperative that you are able to hear instruction from your raid leaders before and during encounters. If a microphone is broken, it is okay to talk to the team in raid chat but you have to be able to hear instruction from mumble. Good communication is the key to success so work hard on getting your mic working. If you are called on to help your team, you will need to speak quickly.
Please be aware that there may be over 15 people in the channel at one time. Please be courteous and Very Conscious of your ability to talk over members. It's very rude to continue to talk through people. A simple apology if one person talks at the same time as another is a perfect way to handle dual conversations. Continued disrespect in talking through other people or over other people in discord will result in removal from the team. This behavior adds to a tone of disrespect and can bring the mood of the team down. It's not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
Please limit chatter during the actual boss encounters to be able to hear important calls and instruction. Thank you

7. Attendance
The success of our raid team progression is definitely based on the attendance of its members. Dedication to your raid team is crucial for success. The biggest raid boss is the Attendance Boss and it will wipe us!
Real life happens. Real life comes first. However, being a member on a Just Wiped Raid Team requires a commitment to the team.

a. Raid nights will be posted on the calendar and sign up is needed so that we can appropriately staff the raid teams.

b. Communication! It is expected that our dedicated progression raid members will make an effort to communicate if they are unable to raid after accepting an invite or accepting a full-time position on our team.

c. Participation will be reviewed monthly and those members participating less than 75% (6 times per month) may be asked to leave the Full-Time roster (unless special arrangements have been made in advance). Any NO SHOW without contact and communication with one of our raid leaders can result in your removal from the raid team. Your team depends on your participation. You have Arlida's cell number, Facebook messaging, E-mail, and id. Use it for communication. Arlida is always available to all of our raid team throughout the day. A NO SHOW is defined as giving less than 24 hours notice of your absence from the team.

d. You will be considered a Full-Time Participant on the roster by being available to raid with the team at least 2 nights per week for Heroic Progression and weekly for Casual Progression.

e. Tardiness. Real life does happen. Communication is key. Let Arlida know if you are going to be late. We keep a log of attendance and tardiness. Repeated tardiness can result in removal from the team. We try to accommodate each member as much as possible but if it begins to impact the team's progression we will have to make the necessary changes. Remember, your attendance is key to the progress of the team as a whole.

Raid Schedule for 2016-2017:

Raid Team Times

Please use our in-game CALENDAR to accept your team invites! Thank you


1. Be on On Time:

  • On raid night, please be there 10 – 15 mins before the scheduled raid time so that we may begin invites and get people summoned and start on time. Starting on time is pulling trash by start of raid, not showing up by start of raid.

2. Be Prepared:

  • Raid Food at 375 level will need to be provided by each raid member. Back up food will be made available most of the time, however, please bring food buffs, potions, and flasks with you just in case. Flasks and Pots will always be available for all of our raiders. Starlight rose, herbs, gem chips donations are appreciated to allow the guild to keep you Flasked and Potted!

  • Gemmed with at least 150+ gems. Heroic Raiders must have 200+ Main Stat Gem as well, please. Blizzard allows for one use of this gem!

  • Have RUNES! Defiled Augment Runes provide you 325+ of your main stat! Multiply 325 x 15 people and that could be the difference between a kill or a wipe on progression. Every single member of the team MUST use Runes for progression unless otherwise instructed. Please have 40 on your at the start of your raid night to ensure you stay prepared! Thank you!

  • Enchanted with the highest stat enchant as appropriate for your spec. Ask your guildies to help as many of us have what you need or will help you get it.

2. Be Informed:

  • Progression: You must take the time to learn the fights ahead of time through whatever avenue of learning works better for you. Watch videos. We have links on our main page for some great YouTube Channels including Line of Sight Gaming - Two Minute Tips, Fat Boss

  • Casual Raiding: This team will spend the time explaining each mechanic before each new encounter and as needed. We will learn as a team. You are not required to do extra research on fights for this team. 

Loot Rules (updated 10.29.17)

Progression Raid Soulbound Loot Rules

If you are in attendance on a boss kill, you are eligible for the loot.Each night, each member of the raid team can receive one MAIN SPEC item.After you receive your item, you are no longer eligible for another main spec roll unless no one else on the raid team needs the item for their MAIN SPEC.The loot master will start each gear piece by saying, "Main spec if you have not already had a mains spec", it will then go to "Main spec if you have already had a mains spec" then it will go to "Offspec", then it will go to DE or Transmog

Role-specific items will always be given priority to their appropriate role through Main Specs. Although certain trinkets have excellent primary stats, if the on use is specific to a certain role, that role will take priority.

Rolling OS will normally allow a player to acquire a trinket or role specific piece of gear not suitable to their main spec. Transmog - we will allow transmog rolls on a case by case basis. We really do need the mats at this time but can appreciate our guildies transmog needs as well. :)

There may be times on the progression team that we include "Best In Slot" pre-selection. This process is not always in place and when it is, the raid team will be given advanced notice. 

Casual Fun Run Raiding in Current Content Loot Rules

Main Spec Roll is allowed for every piece of loot dropped during the raid. That means that one player could win rolls for more than one piece of gear on the same boss. Role-specific gear rules apply. 

Bind on Equip Loot (Personal Loot) - this is still treated as loot available to the raid team.

However, the raid team member that received the loot has first dibs at using it. If they will not be using the loot for their main spec, we treat the drop as raid gear and allow for the same Main Spec / OS rolling we would see after a boss kill. Remember we are trying to gear the team to be stronger. 

If no one needs the item on the team at all, the raid member who acquired it keeps the loot. 

These are the general expectations of participating as a raider of <Just Wiped>. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Arlida or Crabbe our dedicated Raid Leaders. Thank You!

Participating in Progression Raiding is vastly different from pugging raids as you can see.  It really does require commitment and dedication. It requires the player to possibly curb their behavior as well. It absolutely requires the demonstration of respect for each other. When our team exudes these qualities we continue to enjoy hours of fun, laughter, and boss kills that triggers that excitement and adrenaline rush we all love. I hope that those that find a home on a Just Wiped Raid Team find that enjoyment with us. 

Thank you for putting forth your own individual efforts to support your team. It is very appreciated.

updated 10.29.17