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Heroic Kil'Jaeden is DEAD!!!

Heroic KilJaeden Kill

It takes a sound team committed to the same goals to accomplish a feat like this. Its a pleasure to raid with these members weekly and we are so proud of our team's efforts! 

Watch the live stream here! Enjoy! https://go.twitch.tv/videos/185367415 and scroll to about 2 hours 7 mins for Kill.

Great Job: Volde, Punky, Sundance, Midair, Twentyone, Arlida, Abbadon, Bazzz, Tsu, Alorstus, Jupitus, Lichdoom, Amlu, Bloodshhot, Sonasti, Ashieral, Demonicden, and Kierra!

Your efforts were tremendous and appreciated! Gratz to everyone who made this guild AOTC possible!

More Fun Times Ahead!!

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