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Big Congratulations Progression Raiders!

Our Raid team successfully earned their AOTC's and defeated Heroic Argus on 4.19.18. In addition, just one week later the team achieved their first Mythic kill with Mythic Garothi

Fun times for our Progression Raiders! 

Heroic Argus

So Proud of our Progression Team. This was a pivotal boss. Our members worked hard over numerous nights to get this boss down! 

Great Job Everyone! 

Here comes Just Wiped's AOTC!

Heroic Coven Kill

Reminder of event Hellfire Citadel on 2018-05-26 19:30:00
10 Hellfire Citadel Raid (Normal) FUN RUN; Test out the raiding scene, join your guildies for some fun boss kills. Relaxed atmosphere. Come prepared, gemme...
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