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Part of being in a fun-loving, supportive community is sharing moments like this. Heroic Progression Raiding takes dedication. Each member has to provide a certain level of play to support their team. In addition, they have to grind artifact power to get their weapons to the appropriate level, mythic plus to get the experience and gear needed, hours of research on the upcoming fights and strats, and endure the endless weeks of Arlida's raid emails. All of this hard work through months of progression to enjoy a single moment like this!

Thank you to all of our Heroic Progression Team Raiders. Your efforts are well appreciated!

Enjoy the replay which starts around 2hour 20mins into video, enjoy the memories, and let's get ready for our next chapter in Tomb of Sargeras!

Heroic Guldan

Arlida a So Proud of US! Really Great Job Everyone! Thank you for the excitement, fun, and EPIC NIGHT!

On to Heroics.........

Arlida a posted Mar 22, 17

Let us send a big shout out to our progression team on destroying Guldan! 

The kill was very exciting and required everyone to be performing on all cylinders! 

The mumble screams were EPIC! 

Sound like fun? We have a few open raid spots available. 

PST to Arlida at btag Rehna#1428

BIG CONGRATS to our RAIDERS on a job well done!

The hard work is paying off!

ON TO HEROICS.....................

Guldan is Dead

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